NPK 2-1-3+60 om organic fertilizer

Non chemical fertilizer derived from 100% animal sources, It’s rich in a number of important nutrients, the main one being nitrogen, which helps promote green leafy growth in plants. It also has phosphorus and potassium; phosphorus releases slowly to promote root growth, while potassium promotes flower and helps fruits and vegetables ripen.

While fresh chicken manure is high in nitrogen, it may contain bacteria that can be harmful to humans, and is unpleasant to transport and handle. In contrast, pellets chicken manure is sterilised when it’s manufactured, making it much simpler to use for home gardeners.

Why our organic fertilizer

  • Produced according to EU Regulation No. 1069/2009, 
  • Absence of pathogens due the  Pasteurization process
  • Rich in organic matter, trace elements, humic and fulvic acid
  • Slowly releasing fertilizer
  • High stability and Homogeneity due our composting and pelletizing technique  
  • Can be spread over the land using the same machines as for mineral Fertilizers

Area of applications

  • Vegetable cultivation 
  • Fruit cultivation
  • Viniculture
  • Tree cultivation


The majority of our clients prefer own label and own bag design, send us your design we print the bags for you
  • 25 kg bags 
  • 50 kg bags
  • 1.200 kg big bag

More NPK ranges

Our company produces different ranges of organic fertilizer and organo-mineral fertilizer based on chicken manure such as, 2-1-3,5-2-3, 10-3-5, 8-3-3, 2-4-3, 4-2-10, 4-2-10, 8-6-7